The Right Stuff

A Better Product

We started out to make a product that would last and be nothing short of unbreakable, super protective, and beautiful. We did that. But what we did not expect was the effect it would have on a smokers habit. The Sleeve was making them smoke less.

At the time we did not know that the cigarette companies were designing their packages to increase a smokers smoking by tricking them into noticing the package more often than they normally would (it’s simpler than you would think).

They do it very well, and it works in a big way. But our Sleeves were interfering with all that by effectively hiding the package and lasting long enough to cost them big ($50 per month per smoker adds up).
The second mistake we made was underestimating their power to control what goes into the stores that sell cigarettes. You see, they threatened to pull their cigarettes from any store that handled our product. Game over.


If you are a smoker that keeps their cigarette package hidden all of the time (out of sight), then you are already doing the job. But if you leave your cigarettes on the table or dash or anywhere in sight, as most of us do, then you are being victimized as are your children by the tobacco companies.

By slipping on a Sleeve you in effect “hide your cigarettes in plain sight”. You only smoke when you want one, not because you noticed the package. This amounts to huge savings. We have tested thousands of smokers and the results were nothing short of amazing. 

A pack a day smoker (that leaves their cigarettes out) would on average smoke 50 to 60 less cigarettes a week when using a Sleeve. But the trick to keeping this up is to switch Sleeves at least every 30 days. You see, after about 30 days you get used to what your package looks like and begin to notice your cigarettes more often and your smoking goes up. It’s quite simple actually.

It works the same on the kids. If they don’t see the cigarettes they’re not thinking about smoking. We’ve had customers tell us that their kids thought they had quit smoking after they started to use the Sleeve.

This is a solid product that is beautiful, protective and cool, and with the savings it provides, a must use for any smoker, especially at $1 each.

Give it a try and be amazed and please tell your friends.