WATERPROOF, UNBREAKABLE, PERSONAL and PROTECTIVE. They last for years. Not Available in stores.

The Magic Pack works for you every day.

Out of Sight…Out of Mind! it’s that simple! 

Doubt it? Count your smoking for a week, switch to our Magic Pack and count again. You’ll be amazed. 

Just switch covers every couple of weeks for continued reduction. This amazing specially designed case for cigarettes will pay for itself in the first week and continue to save you money endlessly. The Sleeve Magic Packs make it much easier to quit as well. Read how below.

Reduction GUARANTEED or your money back. You’ve got nothing to lose…so try it out, you’ll be blown away.

Set of 3…$5.99  Set of 6…$9.99 Plus 1 Free with each order and no shipping or handling charges.

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Personalize & Reduce Your Smoking

The Magic Pack is not only designed to cover up cigarette advertising and reduce your smoking. It is also designed to protect your cigarettes from damage (rain, spilled drinks, crushing, dogs, etc.), But to be beautiful  and personal at the same time.

We found (if we tweaked the design in certain ways) that the Magic Pack will reduce a smokers smoking considerably (out of sight, out of mind), it works very well, in some cases by $50 a month for a pack a day smoker. Also, the Magic Pack hides cigarettes from the sight of children, resulting in 1 in 4 kids not picking up the habit in the first place. This is why big tobacco blocked them from the stores. Read below.

  Banned from stores

The cigarette companies blocked this product from the stores, because it works so well, costing them a great deal of money in lost cigarette sales ($50 million a month if we sold to a million smokers) and also because THEY DON’T OWN IT!

The stores and distributors have been told that if they carry this product their cigarettes will be taken away. We have been fighting the cigarette companies threat tactics for years, to no avail. You’d swear we were selling explosives when we approach the retailers.

The Magic Pack works. Just count your smoking for a week and then use one of our Magic Packs and count again. We have 30 years of research and thousands of customers to back up our claims.

Prove it to Yourself

If you want to prove it to yourself, it is quite simple…just count the amount of cigarettes you smoke for a week. Use the Magic Pack, and then count your smoking for another week. It’s that simple to prove. You will also notice that your cigarettes are much harder to find. That is the cover working for you. For just $5.99 for a set with a money back guarantee, what do you have to lose. They pay for themselves in just a few days.

You might also notice that your kids will think you quit smoking, because they are not seeing the package around anymore. Studies have shown that if you hide cigarettes from the sight of kids that 1 in 4 will not pick up the habit. The cigarette companies do not like this at all.

To keep up the savings all you have to do is change the look of your package (switch Magic Packs) every couple of weeks to a month or you will get used to what your smokes look like and after a short while you will start to notice them more often resulting in more cigarettes smoked. It is quite simple and it is true. Check for yourself.

The Magic Pack is made of a heavy duty polymer and lasts and lasts. One set of 3 does the job, and at only a couple of dollars they pay for themselves in a few days.

The cigarette package itself is designed to trick you into noticing your cigarettes far more often than you normally would, by using it’s distinctive color and subtle design changes to red flag your subconscious, thereby causing you to smoke much much more. The Magic Pack is designed to counter this effect.


Remember though, if you are a smoker that always keeps their package hidden from view, then the Magic Pack will have a lesser effect but is still great as a waterproof protector and personalized cover, which is pretty cool too. We know that you will love the Magic Pack, everyone who has ever used one does.

The only place you can buy this product is here.

Even if we do not make your size, each order comes with a cut out for an inner slide that you can transfer your cigarettes into, making The Magic Pack is the most awesome universal case you’ll ever have. 

We ask that you share us on facebook or any other social networking site you might have. Facebook will allow nicotine gum (such as Zonnic) that is sold in variety stores to be marketed, but not our product. Go figure?

This product is so durable we have customers still using theirs 10 years later.

When you try The Magic Pack, and why not, you will see that this is a solid product that lasts and lasts, you will not be disappointed. We have never had a return.

It’s too bad that the government doesn’t see the value of this product on peoples health, but the truth be told, they do. They make more off the sale of tobacco than the cigarette companies do, and do not want any product on the market that reduces those sales. They could not care less about your health or the health of the children all they care about is money.

Cigarette package warnings are designed to make you smoke more!

They will tell you that The Magic Pack covers up the warnings but the truth of the matter is, the warnings are designed to make you notice the package far more often than you normally would, which causes you to smoke more. This is their best kept secret. They know the effect that the warnings have, they design them to do it. We have spent 30 years studying the effect of cigarette packaging and the warnings on smokers and their children, but all of our research falls on deaf ears.

We know that you will love this product, and we hope you will use them in good health. The trick to using them is to alternate them at least once a month, otherwise you will get used to what your cigarettes look like and your habit will go back to where it was before. It’s that simple and that easy.

Thank you for all the years and support and may good health be yours.

Universal Pocket Box

The Canadian 25 sizes can be used as a waterproof box for almost anything. They come with a cut out for an inner slide and can be used for money, licences/insurance, candy, fishing lures, change, or any number of things you might wish to carry in them. They are the perfect size for the pocket or glove box and the look can be changed in an instant.