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30 years of research
Back in 1985 I made a cover for my cigarette package, just for fun. I drew a picture of the flag on one side and Snoopy on the other. The reaction to my new package cover was amazing. Strangers were asking me where they could get one, so I started thinking "Why not make them? How hard could it be?"

Little did I know at the time, I was about to embark on a 30 year no holds barred fight with the tobacco industry.

They would block this product from the market at the distributor level using threats and intimidation to the retailers, threatening to take their cigarettes away if they sold our product. (read "Conspiracy" above)

While I was still using my home made Sleeve (Flag and Snoopy), I noticed that my smoking had decreased substantially, which got me to wondering if the package design was effecting the amount that I smoke?

As it turned out, covering your cigarette package advertising has a profound effect on your smoking habit, providing the cover lasts and can be switched at least once a month (to avoid you getting used to the look of the package). This meant that they had to be made out of plastic.

Making a plastic collapsible box at that point in time was anything but easy and anything but cheap, especially trying to print on it. It took years, but we'll leave out that part of the story.

One of the first 3 designs we chose to print was a "skull with crossed cigarettes" this Sleeve would go on to be the worlds first full sized graphic warning designed specifically for a package of cigarettes.

So we tested what happened when the cigarette companies changed the look of their own package (even slight changes) which they tended to do every couple of years (before warnings were introduced).

The increase in a smokers habit was amazing, following any change to the cigarette companies package graphic, without changing the associative color of the package.

As it turns out, the culprit is the color of the brand that the smoker smokes. When any design change is made in conjunction with the brand color, it "red flags" the subconscious into noticing that there is something different about their "cigarettes" (the color tells your brain "cigarettes", the subtle design change is like waving a flag) and in turn you look at your cigarettes without realizing why, and then have a smoke.

It's called "redflagging the subconscious" it is a form of subliminal advertising and it works very well. Even without the design changes, the brand color works very well at getting your attention.

We then decided to take their subliminal game playing and turn it around on them. We tested hundreds of different cover designs and art to see what would happen (this took years).

We discovered how to not only stop their effect, but how to reverse the effect to the point where a pack-a-day smoker was smoking a carton less a month just by using one of our specially designed covers.

Fact: A reduction of just 5 cigarettes a day decreases your chance of death by 18% after a heart attack.

We learned how to make a package cover, that when placed over the cigarette package, blends into every day life. By camoflaging the cigarette package you don't notice them, hence you don't smoke nearly as much. "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" it works amazingly well.

Fact: Reducing smoking can reduce your chance of lung cancer by as much as 27%.

In 1994 the government warnings on cigarette packaging took effect in Canada. The result was a sharp increase in the amount of cigarettes smoked. You see, the warnings were having a greater effect than the design changes and working in conjunction with the cigarette package color, they were causing smokers to notice their cigarettes far more than they normally would, therefore they were smoking far more than they normally would.

The Government was looking like they wanted smokers to quit while at the same time they were causing them to smoke more than ever.

After a while the smokers got used to what their cigarettes looked like and the "red-flagging" effect ended. But wait! They made the warnings bigger, starting the effect all over again, but, after a while, there was no more room to enlarge the warnings and the colored area was so small that design changes were no longer having a big enough effect.

Now that the cigarette companies advertising space was so small, they're design changes weren't having much of an effect anymore. 

The best thing that could happen to the tobacco industry and the Government coffers, would be if the warnings were different colors that rotated on every package, permanently "redflagging" the poor unsuspecting smokers into smoking more cigarettes than ever.

But come on, let's be honest, what's the chance of that happening?

Apparently pretty good wouldn't you say?

It is our conclusion after 30 years of study and observation that the true motivation behind the cigarette warnings in Canada and TV anti-smoking product ads, is to get smokers to smoke more, plain and simple. It has nothing to do with prevention, it is all about attracting attention to cigarettes and filling the government and cigarette company coffers.

The evolution of the warnings is proof of deliberate intent to subliminally manipulate the smoking public into smoking more while giving the false impression that they care.

Unless we are all to believe it is one big accident and the Government had no idea that the warnings had this effect.

But wait, multiple studies proved that the warnings and packaging on cigarettes were so bad for children that the government made it law that cigarette packaging had to be covered in the sight of children at the point of purchase. So why not at home where the real damage takes place?

Sounds like they knew all about it.

Our conclusion is that the warnings are designed to attract your attention to the cigarettes, causing smokers to smoke more, plain and simple. The government must know this, how could they not?

The TV commercials are the best. The first thing you see is a beautiful, very sexy woman, sensually smoking, while another fumbles through her purse for a stick of gum, or smoking hands encircling a teddy bear in a rocker, or a woman sticking her head into an office and saying "wanna go out for a smoke" not once but twice. 

These commercials are over in the first 3 seconds, the message has been sent loud and clear, "Have a smoke" the rest of the commercial is just fluff. Think about it, they don't want you to quit, if you did that, you wouldn't buy their products.

They want you in a constant state of "Trying to Quit".
As they are selling you their product they are creating an urge to smoke in the advertisement itself.

You don't stand a chance with this audio and visual onslaught of cigarette ads. The trick is to get rid of cigarette advertising, whether it be pro or anti smoking it is still a cigarette advertisement.

FACT: Rotating graphics used in conjunction with cigarette colors and ads, substantially increases the amount a smoker smokes.

FACT: Completely covering a package of cigarettes with unrelated graphics. ads or art, substantially reduces the amount a smoker smokes.

Government warnings make smokers smoke more.
Anti smoking product commercials make smokers smoke more.
Covering cigarettes makes smokers smoke less.

Plain Packaging
We researched plain packaging and found that after about 30 days the plain package imprints on the smoker. Making the package easily recognizable.

Any ad that refers to smoking is, in itself, a tobacco ad, regardless of how it is presented.

Please let us help you or someone you know.

Get a set of Sleeves now and start saving, or gift them to a smoker and help the children.

For over 25 years we have been developing, studying and testing "The Sleeve" and its effects, to the point that we can guarantee your savings (see "Product"). Our findings are conclusive.

Green Product

The Sleeve is printed using a process called "Lithographic Dryography" this means that the inks that we use are completely enviromentally friendly, and the polymer that we use is recycleable.

The Sleeve is 100% made in Canada by Original Thought Inc.

Original Thought was formed in 1985 and incorpoarated in 1999

All products from Original Thought Inc. are 100% money back guaranteed.


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