The Sleeve is an unbreakable waterproof slip on cover for cigarette packages that can be changed in a flash to suit your mood or outfit. Go to “Shop” to get yours.


The Sleeve was designed to cover up cigarette advertising, protect your cigarettes from damage, and provide a way to hide your cigarettes from site and be beautiful at the same time, so only you know your smokes.

As a side effect the Sleeve has been found to reduce a smokers habit (out of sight, out of mind), in some cases by a pack or more per week and was also found to hide them from the sight of children. This why the cigarette companies banned this product from the stores. The only place you can buy this product is here.

This product is so durable we have customers still using theirs 10 years later. It is because of this ban that we will not be making any more sleeves. The ones you see on this site are the last. It is too bad that the government doesn’t see the value of this product on peoples health, but the truth be told they make more off the sale of tobacco than the cigarette companies do, and do not want any product on the market that reduces those sales.

There is no more than 3000 of any one of our available designs left in stock, so get yours while you can. It is really too bad. This is an amazing product that anyone who has ever had one will attest to. They come in US and CDN sizes.

We are clearing the stock out at $1 each with a minimum order of 3 to 12 sleeves at a $2 shipping charge.

You may buy a box of 50 for $0.50 each with a $5.00 shipping charge. Total $30.

We know that you will love this product, and we hope you will use them in good health. The trick to using them is to alternate them at least once a month, otherwise you will get used to what your cigarettes look like and start smoking more again. It’s that easy.

Thank you for all the years and support and may good health be yours.

Universal Pocket Box

The Canadian 25 sizes can be used as a waterproof box for almost anything. They come with a cut out for an inner slide and can be used for money, licences/insurance, candy, fishing lures, change, or any number of things you might wish to carry in them. They are the perfect size for the pocket or glove box and the look can be changed in an instant.

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