Use "The Sleeve" guaranteed results!

Made of a recycleable heavy duty plastic and printed with environmentaly friendly inks, a Sleeve will last for years, which is neccesary for it to do it's job.

By using a Sleeve you are covering your cigarette package with unrelated photos or art, by doing so, you in effect camouflage your cigarettes which results in you only smoking when you want to, not because you noticed them.

You will be surprised at how many cigarettes you smoke just because you notice them.

We have tested this product for years and a pack a day smoker will save about $50 per month on cigarettes using the Sleeve as directed.

You will notice the Sleeve working when you find yourself looking for your cigarettes when they are sitting right in front of you.

This effect will only last about a month, thats when you slip a different Sleeve onto your package.

Just alternate at least once a month for max savings, and those savings can be huge.

All you need is three Sleeves and you are set. It's that easy, no effort at all.

We are so sure that this will work for you that we Guarantee your satisfaction.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product or the results, you may have your money back and you can keep the product. This guarantee is only good for orders of 3 Sleeves or less.

For under ten dollars and a guarantee like that, can you afford not to give us a chance?

Please help us with our study.

Count your cigarettes for a week. When your Sleeves arrive, slip one on, use 24/7 and count again, then send us your results in "CONTACT".

Thank you very much and you are very welcome.

Added Bonus'
The Sleeve also:
Protects cigarettes from damage (water and humidity)
Reduces your smoking
Hides cigarette advertising from children
& Looks much nicer than a cigarette ad

Don't forget to tell your friends.

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